Nov 3, 2014

Free DropBox Storage

How to get FREE Dropbox storage

        As time passes, the number of internet users in world (especially, users from developing countries like India, Indonesia etc..) is increasing tremendously. Moreover, the competition between smartphone manufacturers getting smartphone prices much lower and lower. This is also endeavouring the connectivity of people with Internet.
        For digital data storage, we use Pen Drive, External Hard drives, etc in our day to day life. But, this becomes mandate to carry this type of gadgets all times whenever we need them. And, if we forget those in our needs, it becomes nearly impossible to get access to our data. So, there is very best alternative to these storage devices called Cloud Storage.
       Cloud Storage is nothing but, a personal storage space available on internet or internet connected storage devices. There are bunch of such Cloud Storage services available on web e.g. Google Drive, Box, SugarSync, Dropbox, Copy etc; each available in FREE as well as paid versions. As per my opinion, Dropbox is much more easy and convenient to use and access. You can access Dropbox by various ways like Web Site, Android and iOS app. Also, they offers plenty of storage space to FREE users and huge of space to paid users. 
        Currently, Dropbox offers 2GB out-of-the-box space  to their FREE members. Also, each FREE member can earn 2-3GB more space by completing very easy tasks. Further, if you use REFERRAL program by Dropbox to bring new customers to Dropbox, you can get 500 MB of more space per new referred new member. Thus, you can accumulate more than 32GB FREE storage for lifetime.

How To get 2.5GB FREE Dropbox space for life...?

     ** Sign up to free Dropbox service by following link given below.

If you sign up successfully, you will see 2GB space to you account, immediately.

     ** Download Dropbox app for PC and Sign-In on it with your newly created account credentials. 

If you install and login on this PC client, you will get more 500 MB FREE
     ** To earn more FREE space, complete easy tasks given on THIS link. 

     ** Also, you can go for REFERRAL program offered by Dropbox to get more FREE space upto 32 GB.

Then, why are you waiting...? Just click HERE and Sign-Up to claim your personal FREE Cloud Storage.