Oct 19, 2016

YOURLS Hindi translation


     Since I got to know about OSS-Open Source Software on internet, I was always wishing to contribute to OSS world. But, as I didn't bothered to learn any computer/coding language, I was unable to do so.

      From last 1 year, I am using open source URL shortening script written in PHP called YOURLS. And trust me, it is just awesome. You can literally do "Whatever the hell you want with it" ( it is open source, obviously). While going with it, I eventually came to know that, there is not any official/unofficial Hindi language support for YOURLS script and as I can speak Hindi I found the simplest way to contribute YOURLS and hence, OSS world.

      So, I dig-out a little about 'gettext' translation concept and YOURL's official How-To guide. That is so easy to make a new translation file for this purpose. Hence, I decided to do make a good Hindi translation. I used my spare time and Blamm...! It took my just 3 days and now it is finished. I have already tested it on YOURLS v1.7 platform. It is all ok as per my test.

      Just, in case of need, give a try and do comment.

* To learn about YOURLS and to download it, go to their official homepage.

* For Hindi translation files (hi-IN.po and, click here for latest master release.

* For further involvements, go here on my GitHub's page...

> Thanks to @ozh