Jul 23, 2012

World's highest IQ holder is 11 years old

                Can you imagine that the girl studying in 8th standard can be the world's highest IQ (Intellegence Quotient) holder...? Yes, you read it right. The Indian girl named "K.Vaishalini" born in Thirunelveli, a small city of Tamil-Nadu state is that girl. (Her images are in front of you). She is a child prodigy(she is just 11 years old) blessed with exceptional computer and analytical skills. According to reports, her IQ stands at 225, which is considerably higher than the previous Guinness of world record holder, Kim Ung-Yong, whose IQ is approximately 210.

Her amazing Achievements:
  •  Vishalini’s IQ is around 225. It is higher than that of the Guinness record holder, Kim Ung-Yong,  whose IQ is around 210.
  •  She has passed Microsoft Certified Professional and Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA) with more than 90% when she was just 10 years old - a world record again. (The previous record was held by a 12-year-old boy from Pakistan, Irtaza Haider)  
  •  She regularly now gets invited for "guest lectures" on Engineering topics at International conferences and by prestigious institutions like National Institute of Technology
  • Both NITK of Mangalore and Kalasalingam Engineering College are now more than ready to welcome Vishalini. But her parents want the girl to enjoy her childhood for the next three years before thinking of entering a college campus. 
  • As, she is just 11 years old, she is not allowed to enter herself in Guinness Book of World Record. Vaishalini needs to complete 14 of  her age to be in the list of World Records.
           According to her family, she had speech impairment in the early childhood that caused a great concern of her family, her mother Mrs. Sethurakamalika says that “despite her blessed intelligence, Vishalini struggled to talk at her younger age and as per the consultancy given by a doctor, we interacted regularly with her and we could see some positive results in six months.”
               Blase Yourself.!! Be proud to be Indian..!!!